Snowie 3000 Ice Shaver Machine

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For the best in shaved ice, the Snowie 3000 is in a class by its self. This is simply the quietest, fastest, most reliable, and easy to use ice shaver ever produced! Just pour in the ice, step on the peddle and out comes a snow that truly rivals Mother Nature's own. Fill the cup with snow, then another tap for over fill. Slide the cup in and up into another of our patented features, the cone topper. That's it! No fuss, no mess, just a fluffy, perfectly packed snowball that, cup for cup, no one in the industry can match.

The Snowie 3000 blade can be changed with a pair of pliers in about a minute's time. This machine has a built in drip pan and a self cooling 1 hp motor that allows you to shave Snowie after Snowie all day long. How fast is it? This machine will turn an 8 lbs bag of ice into snow in just over a minute. That's about 18 snowballs a minute. 


  • Ice Hopper holds 8 lbs (288oz of snow)
  • Cabinet is durable, corrosion resistant, high impact plastic
  • Self cooling 1 horse power motor
  • Can be operated by foot pedal or by toggle switch
  • Free Work Station / Drip Pan
  • Overall dimensions: 23" High x 16" Wide x 22" Deep